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4. Try To Create Categories

All this affluence of potential leads can also become a potential headaches as well if it is left without organization. Don’t forget that the contacts you make might not all translate into leads. Some might be good buyer/seller leads, whilst others might not be as such but can rather be rich sources of referral.

Just like taking down notes, try to categorize these contacts straight away in order to save yourself the trouble of needing to remember what group they belong to many days following the seminar.

5. Conscientious Follow Ups

With each day that goes by, possibilities come and go so it will be wise for you to nurture these newly forged acquaintances as quickly as possible. Try not to wait for more than a week after the end of the seminar in order to begin following up your contacts.

With your well-noted and organized collection of business cards, try to begin by at least composing a friendly email to approach the contact first. Try to encourage them to respond to you and keep in touch.

Try to encourage them to join your mailing list where you can provide such things as free and useful information on things concerning real estate. Your enthusiasm to share your skills will encourage your potential clients to call you as they get interested.

These are just a few ways for you to get the most out of the seminars you go to by mining it not only for head knowledge, but also for the very useful and potential leads.

Don’t forget to be more than just an attendant. Try to participate actively by interacting with everyone and exhibit exceptional conduct all the time. You never know who might be there.

In the business of the real estate agent, your character will have a lot in determining whether people will or will not do business with you. These ideas might seem insignificant but the results can return a whole lot more to you if you take the sufficient time to put them into practice.

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