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Contractor Show Real Estate Advertising 2

Although your potential customers will be looking around these shows, you won't be the only booth they stop at. Some of them will want to finalize decisions at home, while others might make their decision straight away. For on-the-spot decision-makers, a promotional handout or small catalog showing all the attractive qualities of the real estate you are offering them might actually help them to make a comparison between your offer to the next best thing out there. An eye-catching brochure which will capitalize on the real estate assets will allow for you to stand out and decrease the competition a little.

For those who are thinking about obtaining your service for a longer time, brochures will provide you with the sort of recall and accessibility you might want. Once again, featuring attractive elements will accentuate the positive impression you already made on them. Furthermore, an good brochure will keep your customers well within the scope of your sales pitch. They would be looking at exactly the same product you are selling and seeing similar advantages to those you put forward in your pitch over and over again.

Like all other shows, contractor and home builder shows provide kits and giveaways for their visitors to take home with them. If you would like to give your potential leads more information on your brand of real estate and what services you can provide them with, you should try to include your brochure and information sheets in the giveaway kits provided at the end of the show. Try to make sure to put in your contact details, and don’t hesitate to always offer brochures and catalogues the moment they try to contact you or answer a questionnaire. Although your customer might view this as a freebie in the show, you will in fact be getting extremely useful information you will be able to use in order to instigate more real estate leads.

What you mustn’t forget is the following: try to ensure that you are always featured in the show in a prominent manner, and if you are not, getting at least an equal amount of traffic. With more people grouping to you for information, you will have further opportunities to provide them with information on how they can contact you, ask for their information for you to send them some additional material on your company, and contact the people who will be interested the most in requesting your services. When it comes to home builder and contractor shows, don’t be afraid to use aggressive marketing techniques to reach your target population.