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Radio Advertising for Real Estate Leads 2

Below is a list of how you can use private radio to benefit you:

For example, you can broadcast a personalized, real time, recorded message. Radio transmitters would contribute to help you reach a wider spectrum of clients through broadcasting your messages to prospects.

New transmitters are available in the market that can let you broadcast "live", or advertise with a pre-recorded message using a digital chip.

This could be ideal for 'Open Houses'. Once you detect a potential client or a prospective buyer listening in to your recorded message, you can cut in and personally address the customer.

Through this way, you and your prospect could have an immediate connection with each other and it might just lead you to a sale.

You can also use the radio transmitter as a public address system for special events within the community.

There are even some models for radio transmitters which let you "imitate" celebrity voices in order to grab the listener's attention. These models are surprisingly inexpensive so it could benefit you to purchase them.

You can also use two transmitters simultaneously. Just set them to two different frequencies at the same listing so that you can “kill two birds with one stone”.

Real estate agents earn their money by getting listings. So you can use your radio transmitter in order to book appointments with home sellers.

Think about some marketing strategies that will appeal both to home sellers and home buyers in order to increase your listings. You can think of special offers and freebies for the home owners and leave your contact information so that you can encourage people to contact you regarding the selling or listing of their home.

Don’t forget that word of mouth can be a great advertisement for you too, so always make sure that all the people in your area are aware of your business and you might just win and end up with additional leads.

You may also want to sell your recorded advertisements to paying advertisers who might want to broadcast your message into their own private "network".

Moreover, you can get the radio transmitters set up in the comfort of your own home. Try to record a message that will feature the offers that you have.

You might also be surprised when some unknown neighbors suddenly show up at your door, asking to talk about their home listing or someone else's home that they might know about.

Remember that the more you use these radio transmitters, the more your sales, listings, leads and prospective clients will increase.

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