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Real Estate Fax Advertising 2

The respondent will have the choice to leave you a recorded message or to call you directly through a call transfer feature. If they need more information before they can call you, they can get immediate access to information you will be willing to share through a fax-back option. This option is quite useful in sharing documents such as company/personal profiles, floor plans, brochures, maps and even helpful tips in doing business in real estate.

Through allowing your potential clients to gain access to such information in such an easy manner will certainly encourage them to do business with you. Experts and consultants in the industry have noted that nearly 75% of potential clients will end up transacting business with the agent that they first contacted. For an agent, that means you must then do what you can to ensure you are the first person a potential client will call.

Each time a potential client calls your hotline number, you will be notified right away of the call through your fax, email, cell phone or PDA. This immediate notification is crucial since as mentioned before, leads will be more likely to transact with the first agent they establish contact with. The sooner you make your own response, the sooner you will be able to discuss business and the more likely you will be to get the deal.

Now, some information about your ads

The ads you put up must be designed to encourage a reader to call you straight away. You can achieve this by offering something a potential customer might want to have. Quite naturally, a potential client will show interest in real estate offers. So why not offer information you feel they would like to know?

In addition, try to clarify in which ways you can help your potential client. This will be more interesting to them than reading about how you are one of your district’s top sellers. Showing that you are able and willing to help will increase your chances of getting leads.

Same business, with some new tools

The options discussed above don’t in any way act as a replacement to the trusted methods of establishing rapport, conscientious follow-up and genuine building of character. In a broader sense, this will account for the closing of the deal more than any other cool device.

Finding leads this way will simply save you time and effort in mining for new leads and will allow you to dedicate your effort some more fulfilling tasks both for yourself and your clients.

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