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Newspaper Advertising

Newspaper ads can be very suitable sources of real estate leads. One of the reasons why real estate agents put up advertisements in newspapers for hundreds and thousands of dollars is this: they need to obtain listings. The idea is that most home sellers look at these newspaper ads in order to decide who or which is the real estate agent and company that does a great job in home marketing.

Newspaper real estate ads give home sellers the impression whether these real estate companies will do a great job or not in selling their houses. More often than not, it is the larger companies in real estate that also run the big newspaper ads.

These large real estate companies also have big inventories of houses which they put out in wide two-page ads in newspapers. The odds are good that the house that you are selling might be included in this large spread.

Home sellers need for the houses they are putting up for purchase the most exposure and the ads in newspapers put up by such companies seem to meet this real estate requirement.

Nevertheless, there is a risk for these types of ads. This risk is that the real estate company could have an extra 300-400 more of these houses in their listing inventory. So, it will also depend on luck and good timing as well as to the number of times the house you are putting up for sale will be seen.

One other reason why you should put real estate ads in newspapers is in order to gain leads. Of course there are no limits to the amount of people who look on these ads, buyers and sellers alike. However, according to a survey profile carried out on home buyers as well as home sellers, only a small five percent of people who look for homes in newspaper ads actually do make the purchase.

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