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Optimizing Your Seminars for Real Estate Leads

The benefit to attending seminars goes far beyond just learning new facts. As a businessperson, you will probably have taken part in your fair share of seminars. And, if you have been around for the right amount of time, you will probably already know that these events are good possibilities for you to establish new connections and strengthen ones which already exist.

What a lot of people might not understand is that events such as seminars and conventions can provide you with rich marketing potential for your business in real estate – potentials that are unfortunately often left untouched until the next possibility for a seminar arises.

Below are some helpful bits of advice in order to increase the benefits you will get from attending events such as seminars by making a conscious effort to create a network, not just of simple acquaintances, but also of potential clients and leads.

1. Cards – ask and you shall get.
Consider it, when you make a new acquaintance at a seminar, doesn’t it reassure you that that person is keen to do business with you? It definitely shows a level of interest.

Pulling your card out to everybody you meet may not have the same effect, however. In fact, handing your card out without being asked for it shows presumption and slight pushiness from you – something you should avoid as a real estate agent.

2. Talk less, and listen more.

This might be one of the most disregarded, yet vital skills in building connections that will translate into leads. You might also be so caught up in your own excitement about what you can do for people that you can end up hogging a conversation and not allowing the potential client to respond.

In a convention with a huge attendance, sometimes, a few minutes are all you will get to promote yourself. So make use of the precious time given to you in order to get more information from your fellow attendees whilst looking out not to seem like you’re conducting a scrupulous investigation.

Try to remain light in your discussion, but you must also steer the topic appropriately towards a conversation that will ask for your contacts’ real estate needs – needs that you might perhaps be able to address once you end the conference.

3. Remember to take always write down notes.

It’s all the better for you if you can remember every single conversation you have had throughout the entire duration of the event. Regrettably, for most of us, these can be quite quickly forgotten or, even worse one conversation interchanged for another.

The benefit to taking down notes following a conversation is that important information about this new contact and his/her real property concerns will be kept fresh in your mind. Writing down a few lines at the back of their business card will make for a very efficient reference system. When you call or write, it will impress and reassure them to see that you haven’t forgotten the conversation you had - showing you respected them enough to remember what they said. This alone will help a lot with sales and credibility.

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