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More about Newspaper Advertising

In fact, a total of 95-98% of newspaper readers read and overlook the ad or simply don’t purchase real estate despite the amount of ads put out by the real estate companies.

This makes a huge difference from the amazing 53% of buyers who actually begin their search in newspapers and magazines.

But one of the most important reasons why newspaper ads are used so much for snagging those real estate leads is because agents use this avenue as an effective means to promote themselves.

The idea put forward is that the more the companies names are exposed, the more they get to be familiar to the readers, then it will be more likely that home sellers will come and get them when they are thinking of selling their homes. This is a very subtle yet efficient method of branding. 

Actually, although real estate agents have knowledge of the valuable contribution that newspaper ads can provide, they don’t always inform home sellers about it. Also, one must bear in mind that the real estate section of newspapers is usually the least read part of the newspaper.

Some home magazines go to the extent of claiming that advertising in them would be an efficient way to generate sales. Although it seems that they offer the best value in comparison to the rates of ads in newspapers, the survey demonstrates that readers actually do little buying despite the very glossy pictures provided by the home magazines.

This is an occurrence despite the millions of people who read their magazines, and the far-reaching qualities of their magazine, the numbers show that the readers just read, and a very small percentage of them actually choose to buy. Nevertheless, this small 2% of buyers leave the home sellers with a little hope.

All in all, home sellers have been conditioned to think that advertising real estate in newspapers works, despite the surveys that prove otherwise. This is due to the fact that the benefits real estate agents get are just as money-worthy, and these take the shape of leads. And in the world of real estate, leads are investments that could be worth quite a lot. If it is not the case now, it will be a in the coming weeks, months or years to come.

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