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An Excellent Method Towards Finding Hot Real Estate Leads 

If you are a real estate agent, you must have had this dictum quite often: “There has got to be a better way for finding leads.”

Well, you are certainly not alone. The mind of every single agent has cogitated over this idea because looking for leads is about the most arduous task that exists in the real estate business. Regrettably, it is also the first step and most important step towards getting any business. Without leads, there is no business.

You have probably been frustrated more than once in building your client network. You might also be worried over avoiding the $11,000 penalty that goes along with the “Do-Not-Call” Rule. With this new rule alone, you must be asking yourself how to get any leads at all, let alone successful ones.

Thankfully, there are solutions which can deal with these problems. They can help you build a widespread network, preserve your contacts and save you from the DNC rule whilst getting you leads which are reliable and very close to the closed deal.

This is called response marketing, which is getting buyers and sellers to reply to ads that you placed and having them contact with you first.

The idea that these buyers/sellers are replying to your ad puts them in a mindset which is open towards business. This makes a huge difference from cold calls where it’s usually a matter of luck on whether they want to do any business at all.

Another advantage is that because these leads would’ve made the first contact, you will be free to call them without having to think about the DNC rule.

How does it function?

To begin with, you must place an ad that is designed to make your potential clients want to reply. Then, you provide your potential clients with a way to get in touch with you. This is usually done through toll-free numbers.

At this point you might ask yourself if you will have to answer each and every call that is made, or if you would prefer to hire some representatives to do so for you.

The answer is two-fold. The person who will answer the phone every time an ad respondent calls will be you, that is, in the form of a recorded message. It will be personal because it is your voice the respondent hears. But it will also be detached enough to make it comfortable for the client since he or she won’t have to worry about answering any questions at the first contact.

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