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Real Estate Networking

If someone could wave a magic wand around and make the strenuous task of finding leads a simple and easy task, you’d surely go for it, wouldn’t you? If you are anything like most real estate agents, your answer would most likely be a most absolute yes.

The reason for this is that maybe the high turnover of new agents and the rate they quit at right after they begin implies a lot. Some experts noticed that 50% of new real estate agents let go of their efforts within a year of their start, citing mostly frustration as their main reason. You might not necessarily want to quit. But the idea of easing it all by finding a few leads must have certainly remained on your mind.

You might also be asking yourself how did those successful agents manage to achieve what they did whilst earning money despite the general difficulty of business these days? They might have some great talents for communication, or they are probably one of those “born” salesmen that can sell anything to anyone. Or maybe it’s just luck.

This might be true or not, but one thing is for sure: Successful agents do well because they have built and manage to maintain an widespread network that guarantees him or her that business will come in regardless.

Does this seem easy? The answer is yes and no. Yes, it is easy in that the act of networking is simply connecting to a person who can lead you to many more. Further, you have to be the type of person everyone will want to recommend to his or her friends and relatives, which is nevertheless quite difficult.

But once that kind of network is established, you’ll find that the leads are reliable and will keep returning to you in the future, along with the other customers that were put in your direction. Also, these leads will be very cost-effective as the price for them wouldn’t have exceeded a local phone call.

Getting started

That having been said, how do you begin constructing a profitable business that will bring you leads? For one thing, it doesn’t begin with designing fancy business cards. It first starts by working hard on building a reputation for yourself and/or your agency which is credible and attractive. Try to be the type of person who represents what he talks about. When you consider it, you will realize that you would definitely prefer someone genuine than a shady dealer.

People are sensitive to the words you say but also to the manner in which you say things. If they feel that you are simply after making a profitable transaction, you would’ve most likely lost the deal before it even started. Compare this to someone who demonstrates a real concern for helping the client out with the best deal possible and you’ll see that this kind of agent will lasts far longer than the “very professional” type.

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