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Real Estate Promotional Tools: Lockbox

This feature has proven to be a relevant necessity during a case in Kirkland, Washington for example, which took place almost four years ago when a real estate professional was apprehended following a series of thefts from FOR-SALE residential houses that the particular agent visited. This agent had access to the lockbox keys and, fortunately enough, it is the same tool that made the agent’s arrest possible. The system of lockboxes made the arrest of Kathy Troxel possible, through the record trail that was left behind her.

The pioneer in the creation of the electronic type of lockbox was Supra Products, Inc which started the sale of the product eleven years ago. Their company has its headquarters in Salem, Oregon.

More outstandingly, lockboxes are great opportunities for showing off property and houses that one would like to sell. Novelty features of certain lockboxes will limit anyone’s access to a specified time, day and hour. This can prove useful in case the seller needs privacy every once in a while. More complicated lockboxes also have a feature wherein agents will be required to call first before showing up in front of the house they would like to sell.

Lots of real estate companies in the United States are using that newest lockboxes from Supra. The new application will make use of a handheld device that will be linked to a larger information network, along with the most recent ones which are all linked to real estate. This new palm-sized device will be placed in a receptacle which will be equipped with a modem. This new mobile tool will enable agents to have immediate access to updates on local real estate listings in their specific area. This new device will also give maps and directions for driving and a roster of members to make less difficult to locate agents. The lockbox is run by a lithium battery. While placed in the receptacle, this device will also being charged so that there won’t be any need to bring any batteries for backup.

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